Thursday, April 15, 2010

The miracle of suction cups on the body

Many today are massage techniques for thin body and remove the unsightly cellulite. The massage also suction or vacuum massage is included. Compared to other methods, massage cup is completely painless, yet it achieves the same effect as a regular massage-roll feel. The cup massage requires a special tool, it is an accessory like the shape of a glass that the therapist applied to areas of the body to treat.

The size of the cup can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. The belly, the back, thighs or buttocks, all parts of the body with cellulite can be treated by massage cup. Many salons offer it as a massage slimming and anti-cellulite, but it is also possible to make yourself at home. During a session, they should apply oil on the body, then move the cup on all areas. It is carrying out movements of bottom-up for the thighs, buttocks and hips. For the belly, the movements are to be made in the direction of clockwise.

Eliminate cellulite in four weeks with massage cup

This type of massage can last about one hour if it is used on all areas affected by the orange peel. Without causing side effects, massage vacuum is to suck the fat vacuum. The principle is simple: thanks to the vacuum, a vacuum due to the vacuum formed to create a suction phenomenon, this causes blood flow. The areas with cellulite usually generate a local congestion, because they are poorly drained, vacuum then allows blood to revitalize the return flow of traffic.

According to Chinese medicine, this practice helps to drain the body to remove the excess weight and the same way the traces of cellulite. Recommended to complement a relaxing massage or a massage slimming, massage suction allows the reduction of cellulite and improving skin quality. It also prevents skin sagging and fight against cellulite. For best results, two-hour sessions each week for four weeks can significantly reduce cellulite.

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